If you are looking for fun woodworking projects for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. The Young Woodworkers Kit Club is a subscription service for kids that teaches your child the valuable skills of woodworking. About every month, your child will receive a new wood project to complete. Woodworking projects keep kids away from the TV screen and their devices and give them the opportunity to build something real. They will have a blast building the wood projects and playing with the toys after! Here are just some of the woodworking projects for kids that come in the Young Woodworkers Kit Club.


Marshmallow Launcher

The Marshmallow Launcher is a fun woodworking project for kids to build. All of the pieces to build the Marshmallow Launcher come in the kit. To build the Marshmallow Launcher, your child will follow these 10 easy steps and then decorate with paint and stickers. Once it’s built, attach a rubber band to the hooks on the base, put a marshmallow in the cup, push down, and let it fly. Your child can experiment with how far the marshmallow shoots by changing the position of the rubber band on the hooks. Not only is this a fun woodworking project for kids, but they will enjoy playing games with the Marshmallow Launcher after it’s built!

kids playing with the marshmellow launcher

Green Dragon Dragster

The Green Dragon Dragster is a great woodworking project for kids to learn how to hammer a nail properly without splitting wood. After following these steps to build the Green Dragon Dragster, your child will have a cool new toy to play with! To race, slip the bolt end through the rubber band on the track, pull back, and once you let it go, the Green Dragon Dragster will fly across your floor.   

girl building a green dragon racer

Turbo Racer

Another fun woodworking project for kids is the Turbo Racer. While your child builds the Turbo Racer, they will get to practice hammering nails, sanding wood, and painting the wood. To build, your child will follow these instructions or build along with this YouTube video. After the Turbo Racer is complete, it’s time to race! Attach one end of the rubber band to the wire loop on the propeller and the other end to the brass hook. Wind the propeller counterclockwise at least 200 times. When you release the propeller, your Turbo Racer will fly. Your child will have fun testing the holes on the chassis to find the fastest gear!

child playing with the turbo racer

Fire Truck

If your child loves Fire Trucks, then this is perfect woodworking project for them. They will get to build a Fire Truck from pre-cut pieces of wood while sanding, hammering, and decorating their very own truck. Our kid-friendly instructions come with every kit and are easy for kids to follow on their own. After your child fastens the final wheel on the truck, they can plug the hose into the pump panel and they are ready to fight some pretend fires!

child playing with the firetruck

Quarry Truck

Your child may own numerous play trucks and cars, but how many of those toys have they built themselves? The Quarry Truck is a fun woodworking project for kids to learn what it takes to build a toy from wood. When building the Quarry Truck, your child will have the opportunity to learn essential woodworking skills that will last a lifetime. We know they will have a blast building something real while following these easy instructions. Once all of the pieces are put together and your child’s quarry truck is decorated with paint and stickers, they can go out and do some heavy hauling with their truck!

Quarry Truck


The Helicopter is another exciting woodworking project for kids to build! While building the  Helicopter, your child will follow these instructions using the precut wood pieces. Young Woodworkers provides everything your child needs to complete a project, from start to finish. When your child has completed building the Helicopter, they will be thrilled to have a fun new toy to play with that they built with their own hands!


Woodworking is a great skill for your child to know. These are great woodworking projects for kids to learn how to handle a hammer, develop patience, and more. Your child will look forward to receiving an exciting new kit about every month. Ready to join the Young Woodworkers Kit Club? Sign up today and get 50% off your first kit.