Summer is finally here! Kids are out of school and have plenty of time to spend having fun. We encourage kids to get up and do something with their hands instead of staying at home and watching TV or playing video games all day. That’s why we created this list of fun summer activities for kids.

Create an Original Woodworking Project

One of our favorite summer activities for kids is creating original woodworking projects. It’s a great opportunity for your child to build something real. About every month, your child will receive a real wood project to complete. Each of our kits comes with pre-cut wood and a free toolset your child will use to complete the project. We guarantee your child will love the process of building something real out of wood.

Child building the helicopter

Go for a Bike Ride

On a beautiful summer day, get out with your kids and enjoy a nice bike ride. Whether its just a stroll through your neighborhood or down a hilly trail, bike rides are a great way to get your kids exercising and enjoy the summer weather. Make sure to bring water to stay hydrated and wear a helmet!

Have a Marshmallow Launcher Tournament

One of the projects your child will receive after signing up for the Young Woodworkers Kit Club is the Marshmallow Launcher. A fun summer activity for kids is to have a tournament to see who can launch their marshmallow the furthest. Set up a measuring tape on the ground so you can keep track of how far your marshmallows make it. After building your kit, all you will need is the marshmallows!

kids playing with the marshmellow launcher

Have a Camp Fire

Summer nights are perfect for campfires. The weather is perfect to throw on a comfortable sweater and sit around a campfire singing songs and telling spooky stories. To build the fire, use old scraps of wood from an old woodworking project, that you know you won’t use. If you have any extra marshmallows from the Marshmallow Launcher tournament, make s’mores!

Make a Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are perfect summer activities for kids to learn how to manage money and have a business. Help your kids to gather the supplies and use that as an opportunity to teach them about supply and demand. Set up a table at the end of your driveway and work with your kids to create a sign. Even if your kids don’t make many sales, it’s a great bonding experience to have with your kids and teaches them valuable lessons about business.

Have a Picnic

Instead of making lunch at home, pack it up one day and take it outside or to a local park. Sandwiches and pasta salads are easy to pack and store in a cooler. Bring chips, juice, and fruit along with and you have a perfect picnic meal. Lay out a blanket in the shade and enjoy lunch with your kids. It’s a simple way to switch up your normal summer routine.

Have a Turbo Racer Competition

Another project your child will receive after joining the Young Woodworkers Kit Club is the Turbo Racer. Your child will have a blast building the Turbo Racer and playing with it after. A great summer activity for kids is to have a competition using your Turbo Racers! Wind the propeller on the top of the Turbo Racer and see whose flies the farthest across the floor. Use a measuring tape to track the distance!

child playing with the turbo racer

Go Fishing

If you are looking for a fun bonding experience to do with your kids this summer, fishing is a good option. Like woodworking, fishing teaches your children valuable skills that they will have for a lifetime, specifically, it teaches kids patience. It’s fun to be out on the water and you will be grateful for the lessons your child will learn.

Build Sandcastles at the Beach

The best summer activities for kids revolve around the beach. Grab a pail, shovel, and sunscreen and head off to the beach! Building sandcastles is a fun way to get your child’s creativity flowing. They will have a blast playing in the water and building sandcastles. If you don’t have a beach in your area, you can still build sand castles! Fill a plastic swimming pool with sand and you have your own private beach in your backyard.

Sharpen Your Woodworking Skills

When you have downtime in the summer, why not learn a new skill or practice and sharpen that skill?  With Young Woodworkers, your child will get better at woodworking with each kit. They will also have a new toy to play with after building each project. From the Green Dragon Dragster to the Quarry Truck, we guarantee that your child will love our kit club.

helicopter pieces with instructions

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