Woodworking is a great activity for children. They will spend the afternoon building something real, instead of playing video games or watching TV. While woodworking is a fun activity for kids, it can also teach your child valuable skills that they will have for the rest of their lives. Keep reading to learn more about some of the many skills your child will learn from woodworking.




Any type of craftsmanship takes time. In order to build anything, there may be several steps in the process that require patience. Rushing through a project may give your child an end result that they aren’t happy with. Woodworking teaches your child how to remain patient, take their time, and pay close attention to details.


Hand-Eye Coordination


Along the lines of paying attention to detail, woodworking will also teach your child hand-eye coordination. Using a hammer and nail requires a lot of concentration. Your child will quickly learn the coordination that is required to hit the hammer directly on the nail while keeping it straight and not injuring themselves or missing the nail.


Problem Solving


Woodworking will teach your child how to follow directions and problem solve. Your child will learn how to measure and connect different pieces of wood. Problem-solving is a skill that will be very valuable throughout their life, especially as they grow in the trade of woodworking.


Understanding of Tools


The Young Woodworkers Kits come with a free toolset that includes a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, and more. Your child will learn the proper way to use the tools without splitting the wood or causing an injury. Having an understanding of tools is valuable for children to know and is something that will benefit them throughout their lives.




When it comes to woodworking, safety is crucial. The Young Woodworkers kits are built with your child’s safety in mind, but it is still important to teach them safety tips while working with wood, tools, and materials. Making your child aware of some of the dangers that can come when working with wood can help to prevent future injury and will give them a sense of awareness when they are working with tools and materials.




Each Young Woodworkers kit comes with clear instructions that allow your child to build the projects with very little help. Your child will learn independence and will feel a strong sense of accomplishment as they build something on their own.


Woodworking benefits your child in multiple ways and will give them valuable life skills that they will have for a lifetime.


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