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About the Young Woodworkers Kit Club

This kit series is produced by Annie’s, a respected leader in crafts. We want to help your kids develop woodworking skills as they build projects using real tools. Real hammer-and-nails woodworking kits for kids, 7-12 years old!

Super fun and super convenient!

The fun will start immediately on the arrival of the first kit. There’s NO special knowledge or skill required, and each kit includes handy, easy-to-assemble, pre-cut and pre-drilled wood pieces. This kit series is designed to fit the lifestyle of today’s busy families, with all these great benefits:

home delivery

Convenient Home Delivery

An exciting, new woodworking kit will be addressed and delivered directly to your child about every 4 weeks.

complete kit

Complete Woodworking Kits!

Each kit includes all the pre-cut wood your child needs to complete each project from start to finish, including pre-drilled nail holes and all the necessary nails and fasteners.


Guaranteed Satisfaction!

All the wood is pre-cut and all the nail holes are pre-drilled to ensure a perfect fit. And the instructions show each step of the construction in clear, up-close photos, so little or no adult assistance will be needed.

Kid Friendly

Kid-Friendly to the Max!

These projects have been custom-made to appeal to your child. Even the instructions are designed to look fun and inviting to young readers.

Super Cool

Super-Cool Projects!

Each kit has been kid-tested and pronounced "totally cool." Your child will be bursting with pride on the completion of each project.

Off TV

Turn Off the TV and Devices!

Your child will discover that actively building something out of solid wood with their own two hands can be more fun than passively sitting in front of a video screen. This could open up a whole new world of creative activities that will build valuable skills for a lifetime.

5 Free Tools!

Join the Young Woodworkers today!

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