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Building Up the Next Generation

Our kits help kids build fun projects, skills, and confidence in their abilities. They’ll get the chance to develop woodworking skills using real tools! Kids will love building their own toys and gadgets from start to finish, creating something special they can proudly show their friends and family. No special knowledge or skills are needed to jump in, either. Each kit includes handy, easy-to-assemble, pre-cut and pre-drilled wood pieces.

Convenient Delivery

Each woodworking kit is designed to make it easy for kids to follow along and learn. The instructions are easy and inviting—perfectly suited for the 7-12 age range.

5 New Tools

Your first kit in the series includes a hammer to get you started. Four more tools are sent with their second and third shipments: a carpenter’s square, tape measure, screwdriver, and jeweler’s screwdriver. They’ll have a tool set to use again and again!

New Monthly Projects

Expect a new woodworking project to be delivered every four weeks, with a new and exciting skill to master on their carpentry journey. From airplanes to turbo racers, each projects imparts a new, real world skill that will serve them for years to come.

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