The Turbo Racer is an awesome toy that you will receive after joining the Young Woodworkers Kit Club. This toy is not only fun to play with, but you will have a blast building it with your hands. Wind the propeller on the Turbo Racer and watch is fly across your floor. Adjust the speeds to make it go even faster.


Ready to get started? Here’s how to build a Turbo Racer!


What you will need:

·      Hammer

·      Glue

·      Tape Measure or Ruler

·      Pencil

What comes in the kit:

·      Front Chassis Sides

·      Chassis Front End

·      Front Axle Insert

·      Chassis Back End

·      Back Chassis Sides

·      Chassis Middle

·      Axle Supports

·      Rear Chassis Support

·      Fenders

·      Wheels

·      Back & Front Propeller Arm

·      Propeller Arm Supports

·      Propeller

·      Rear & Front Axle

·      Rear Axle Inserts

·      Screw Hook

·      Nails, Bolts, Washers

·      Wing Nuts

·      Rubber Band

·      Sandpaper

·      Paint & Paint Brush

Before you get started, lay the pieces out on a piece of paper and label them. That way, you won’t lose the pieces or forget which they are.

1. To begin, put the front axle insert through the chassis front end. Glue the front chassis sides on the front end and axle insert. Use the pilot holes to nail in place. Make sure that every nail has a pilot hole. Pilot holes keep the wood from splitting! Before you hammer, make sure your nail is straight in the pilot hole. You don’t want the nail to be crooked.

2. Next, glue and nail the chassis back end between the back chassis sides.

3. Mark the center of the chassis middle. The center should be 3  inches from each side. Glue and nail it between the chassis front and back. Let the glue dry and then sand the wood.

4. Then, mark the center of the propeller arm supports. The center should be 3” from each side. Glue and nail to the outside of the front and back propeller arms. After the glue dries, sand the wood.

5. Find the pilot hole 1” from the end of the front propeller arm. Screw the brass hook into the hole. Glue the propeller onto the end of the back propeller arm. Let it dry.

6. Lightly hammer a rear axle insert in each axle support. Put the rear axle in place through the inserts. The axle inserts should be even with the inside of the support. Once it is in place, glue and nail the axle supports to the ends of the rear chassis support.

7. Remove the axle. Glue the fenders to the axle supports. The insert will stick out 1/8 inch. Let the glue dry.

8. Now it’s time to paint the wood! Red and yellow paint comes in your kit, but you can choose whatever colors you prefer if you have paint at home. Just make sure to let the wood dry fully before moving on to the next step.

9. Put the rear axle in place through the inserts. Push the wheels in place. Bolt the rear chassis support on the chassis middle. Be sure to use two washers for each bolt. One for either side of the joined planks.

10. Bolt the front propeller arm to the chassis through the front sides.

11. Put the front axle through the axle insert. Push the wheels in place.

12. Now that the Turbo Racer is built, it’s time to add the stickers! Place the stickers where you think they will look best.

13. Attach one end of the rubber band to the wire loop on the propeller and the other end to the brass hook and let it race! Wind the propeller counterclockwise at least 200 times, then set the racer on the floor. When you release the propeller your Turbo Racer will take off! To make the Turbo Racer go faster, test each of the holes on the chassis to find the gear that is the fastest!

Want to see the Turbo Racer being built? Click here to watch the video.

Check out our Turbo Racer project photos below.

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